The 1982 Federal Elections where the first ever elections held in the newly democratic country of Noel and the Noel Parliament. The elections where won by the Conservative Party of Noel and the Christian Party of Noel, which also led to the first coalition in Noel history.

Election results Edit

Party logo Party name Seats in Parliment Percentage of Votes PM VP
CPoNSmall Conservative Party of Noel 22 40% Fredrick Noel x Brian Alojz
Christian Party of Noel logo Christian Party of Noel 15 30% Thomas Steward xx Alex Chronar
Socialist Party of Noel Socialist Party of Noel 10 27% Paul Unistad Fredrick Albamsson
Communist party of Noel Communist Alliance of Noel 1 3% Orien Cannon Jack DeForni

What happened in the two years? Edit

  • ratification of the Noelian Constitution.
  • Passing of Taxes, Postal system and other basic needs for society like a welfare system, food regulation and minmum company regulation. Everything was passed with unaminous majoirty and the creation of eight posts which are held by members of the Noel Parliament: Secretary of State, Secretary of Finance, Secreatry of Education, Secretary of Continent, Secretary of Defense and Miltary, Secretary of Interior, Secretary of Health and Safety, Secretary of Press and outer talks.
  • The combination of the Conservative Party of Noel and the Christian Party of Noel makes the Now Coalition. The Socialist and Comunist Parties could not reach agreement.
  • Talks with United States and the UK grow become good friends, adpot types of there governments.
  • Allow Noel Island and Slovak Island to become apart of the Free Republic of Noel.
  • Tension between Viola and Noel.
  • First taxes passed 23% on people making 350.000 and under, 25% on people making 350.000 to 500.000, and 26% on 500.000 and over.