The 1988 Noel Mid-Term Elections were the fourth ever elections for the Noel Parliament. With the drop in the Now Coalitions membership due to the lack of help to the hard hit area of the Noelian Coast. The election saw two new parties in the race for seats in the Noel Parliament, the Anarchy Party of Noel and Capitalism Party of Noel.

Election results Edit

Party logo Party name Seats in Parliment Percentage of Votes
NOW Coalition logo Now Coalition 26 50%
CD logo Centre Democrats of Noel 13 30%
Communist party of Noel Communist Alliance of Noel 4 7%
Socialist Party of Noel Socialist Party of Noel 3 5%
ANarchy Party Anarchy Party of Noel 2 6%
CapLogo Capitalism Party of Noel 0 2%

What happened in the next two years? Edit

  • Drinking, Driving, Smoking, Voting age lowered to 17, which law is creditied to the Anarchy Party.
  • Economy of Noel is reporting 5% increase in the last three years.
  • Taxes on small companies and entrepenures lowered by 3% to 23%
  • A coalition between the Communist Party and the Anarchy Party is proposed but talks die out quickly.