The Noel Federal Elections of 1990 were the fifth ever elections held in Noel and thrid ever Federal Elections. The elections showed a more move the left when the Communist Alliance of Noel got six parliament seats. The Now Coalition won the elections again by popular vote and continued to govern in control of the Noel Parliament.

Election results Edit

Party logo Party name Seats in Parliment Percentage of Votes PM VP
NOW Coalition logo Now Coalition 25 52% Fredrick Noel Thomas Steward
CD logo Centre Democrats of Noel 10 24% Borgo Martelli Michael Vitti

Communist party of Noel

Communist Alliance of Noel 6 12% Leonard DeIneo Harrison Ford
Socialist Party of Noel Socialist Party of Noel 4 8% Paul Isner Wesly Ilava
ANarchy Party Anarchy Party of Noel 2 2% Sal Marssasiell James Nealson
CapLogo Capitalism Party of Noel 1 2% Almash Zimmerman Almash Zimmerman II

What happened in the next two years?Edit

  • Jobs Act of 1990 and 1991 pass making safer working conditions possible and create a public transportation system with over 400 employees.
  • Taxes on lower class families lower by 2% to 23%, both brakets have same rate.