The 1994 Noel Federal Elections were the seventh ever elections held in Noel and the fourth Federal Elections. The elections were won by the Liberal Coalition of Noel the first ever non-ever Now Coalition Parliament or PM. They elected Centre Democrats of Noel founder Borgo Martelli and Vice Primer of Noel Paul Isner of the Socialist Party of Noel.

Election results Edit

Party logo Party name Seats in Parliment Percentage of Votes PM VP
Liberal Coalition of Noel Liberal Coalition of Noel 25 52% Borgo Martelli Paul Isner
NOW Coalition logo Now Coalition 20 42% Fredrick Noel Thomas Steward

ANarchy Party

Anarchy Party of Noel 2 3% James Nealson none
CapLogo Capitalism Party of Noel 1 2% Almash Zimmerman Almash Zimmerman II
Communist party of Noel Communist Alliance of Noel 0 1% none none

What happened in the next two years? Edit

  • Minmum wage for all employees raised from 6.70 Noelian Dollars (5.20 US Dollars) to 8.70 Noelian Dollars (7.00 US Dollars)
  • Universal Health care is proposed, passes the 30 vote limit for a major bill, all citizens no matter what class now have free universal health care.
  • Trade relations with the UK, USA, and Canada are strengthened.