The 1996 Noel Mid-Term Elections were the eigth ever elections held in Noel. The elections showed a small gain for the Liberal Coalition of Noel and the Now Coalition. These were the last elections for the Communist Alliance of Noel.

Election results Edit

Party logo Party name Seats in Parliment Percentage of Votes
Liberal Coalition of Noel Liberal Coalition of Noel 26 54%
NOW Coalition logo Now Coalition 21 40%
ANarchy Party Anarchy Party of Noel 1 3%
CapLogo Capitalism Party of Noel 0 2%
Communist party of Noel Communist Alliance of Noel 0 1%

What happened in the next two years? Edit

  • The Communist Alliance of Noel disbandes and formally supports the Socialist Party of Noel.
  • The Fair Housing Act or "Now/Liberal Act" is passed with all 50 votes in favor the first and only time in Noelian history. The bill rasies government own houses, which totaled 3,000 about 3% while giving them a 6% tax break the follwing year Federal Income was up 3%.
  • The Clean Water and Utility Act of 1996 is passed giving strcicter and better laws on Utiities and safe drinking water.
  • Ambassador of the Government, Ab Freeman is again tried to be killed in a vist to Mexico, totally unrelated to the attack in Viola.
  • New taxes are passed creating four brakets called the "four braket death to business act" by conservatives:
    • 0 - 75.000, 25%
    • 75.001 - 100.000, 26%
    • 100.001 - 250.000, 28%
    • 250.001+, 35%