The 1998 Noel Federal Elections were the ninth elections held in the Free Republic of Noel. These elections gave bigger gains for the Liberal Coalition of Noel and were the last elections for the Now Coalition as a whole. The LC ran William McKean, a School Choice Party of Noel candidate instead of Socialist Party of Noel candidate.

Election results Edit

Party logo Party name Seats in Parliment Percentage of Votes PM VP
Liberal Coalition of Noel Liberal Coalition of Noel 30 64% Borgo Martelli William McKean
NOW Coalition logo Now Coalition 16 31% Thomas Steward Paul Iforne

ANarchy Party

Anarchy Party of Noel 1 3% James Nealson none
CapLogo Capitalism Party of Noel 1 2% Ryen Almash Steve Jorni

What happened in the following two years? Edit

  • Property tax rates passed and raised, laws limits them to 1.0%
  • Now Coalition breaks apart.
  • A bill proposed for a national army fails 28 pro - 22 against, but a national bill for policeman and gaurd for the borders, or PMGB's Act of 1998 gives them new benifits higher wages and employs over 350 citizens, the bill passes with 40 votes for.
  • A gun saftety law passes for alot of strict gun control.