The 2002 Noel Federal Elections were the 11th ever elections in the Free Republic of Noel and the first for the now ruling Progressive Coalition of Noel. The new coalition also in congress was the conservative-capitalist coalition Economy Coalition of Noel or better known as the Smart Coalition of Noel. The congress mainly fouced on the economy and energy issues due to the Progressive Coalition's views

Election ResultsEdit

Party logo Party name Seats in Parliment Percentage of Votes PM VP
2002 Progressive Coalition Progressive Coalition of Noel 30 60% Michael Villanova William McKean
Smart Coalition Logo Smart Coalition of Noel 10 16% John Frankist Kenny Amash
CD logo Centre Democrats of Noel 6 13% Borgo Martelli Thomas Demas
Christian Party of Noel logo Christian Party of Noel 2 11% Thomas Steward None

What happened in the next two years?Edit

  • Congress put in 400 solar panals on the coast, which gives energy to about 2% to all Noelians.
  • Taxes on people re-set having six classes:
    • 0 - 35.000, 24%
    • 35.000 - 70.000, 26%
    • 70.000 - 100.000, 29%
    • 100.001 - 250.000, 35%
    • 250.001 - 400.000, 38%
    • 400.001+, 45%
  • Also tax breaks are give to lower class families and small business owners.
  • Politican's salaries are set at 150,500 Noelian Dollars with all other needs accounted for, saving the country only about 300,000 Noelian Dollars per year.
  • The Fresh Air Act is passed in 2003 resricting people to polute air at a high rate.