The Noel 2004 Mid-term Elections where the 11th elections held in the Free Republic of Noel. The elections were won by the Progressive Coalition of Noel again with a commanding lead. This time the Centre Democrats of Noel were proposed to join but declined but would later in a few years.

Election ResultsEdit

Party logo Party name Seats in Parliment Percentage of Votes
2002 Progressive Coalition Progressive Coalition of Noel 27 58%
Smart Coalition Logo Smart Coalition of Noel 12 24%
CD logo Centre Democrats of Noel 6 11%
Christian Party of Noel logo Christian Party of Noel 3 7%

What happened in the next two years?Edit

  • Fishing and Big game act passed protecting wildlife in Noel and regulation hunting.
  • Political Contributution Act passed with large support limiting ammount funds a person can recive in there campiangs.
  • All unemploymed members of consrtuction unions, around 3,000, are hired to build docks, boats, and a large underground tunnel called the Marine Tunnel, which connects Noel to the islands of Slovak Island and Noel Island. The plan passed 33 - 17, lowering unemployment from 3.2% to 0.7%, in the region, a plan which should be done in 2013.
  • Taxes raised on the highest bracket, to 45.7%