The Noel 2006 Federal Elections were the 12th ever elections held in the Free Republic of Noel. The elections were again dominated by the Progressive Coalition of Noel but with this time the Integrationist League of Noel. The growing number of progressive coalition members, worried even the party that the country may become undemocratic.

Election ResultsEdit

Party logo Party name Seats in Parliment Percentage of Votes PM VP
2006 Progressive Coalition Progressive Coalition of Noel 32 59% Michael Villanova William McKean
Smart Coalition Logo Smart Coalition of Noel 10 28% John Frankist Lyle Alojz
CD logo Centre Democrats of Noel 5 8% Zackary Ren Paulette Fone
Christian Party of Noel logo Christian Party of Noel 1 5% Thomas Vena Georgia Yunesti

What happened in the next two yers?Edit

  • Progressive Coalition tries to convince rest of congress on states and other democratic laws, fails.
  • The Christian Democrats of Noel are formed and good and quickly form the Christian Coalition of Noel.
  • Social Security Act of 2007 passes highering benifits and other needs for workers and retirees.
  • Not alot happens during this session.