The Noel 2008 Mid-Term Elections were the 13th ever federal elections in the country of Noel which passed the highly democratic bill, the New 2009 Democracy Bill, which created the, States of Noel, Marine State, Steward State, Noel State, and Democratic State, the Higher Chamber of Noel, four Governor positions and five men state councils. Which most of the two years was spent on to work on this bill, which most of the time Prime Minister of Noel, Michael Villanova was on tours of countries in financial stress, but do to Noel's great focal system there were no problems.

Election ResultsEdit

Party logo Party name Seats in Parliment Percentage of Votes
2008 Progressive Coalition Progressive Coalition of Noel 32 62%
CCON Christian Coalition of Noel 9 20%
Smart Coalition Logo Smart Coalition of Noel 7 18%

What happened in the next two years?Edit

  • The New 2009 Democratic Bill passes 47-3 all "nays" coming from the smart coalition side.
  • The TFS (Tight Financial Safe) Act is passed allowing money for companies to get a small rebate for hiring new employees and money for lower class citizens, passes 26-24.