Navonia regions

Map with the regions of Navonia

Navonia regions and provinces

Map with the provinces of Navonia

This article offers an oversight of the administrative divisions of the Navonian republic. When the Republic of Navonia was founded, it was divided into nine regions and thirty-six provinces. This was a concession of the progressives to the separatist and regionalist forces in order to unite in a front against the conservatives. The loyalist conservatives wanted to maintain the unitary structure of the Navonian Empire. The final administrative division was based on territorial units that existed before the empire and is thus closely related to the Navonian history. This division in regions and provinces is still used today.

The regions have their own parliaments and can create legislation concerning culture and education. The provinces are in charge of infrastructural works and match with the voting districts. The entire system is mostly administrative, meaning that the different regions and provinces have no real sovereignty. The provinces have to answer to the regions and the regions are in turn subordinate to the national apparatus.

List of regions Edit

The nine regions of the Navonian republic are:

List of provinces by region Edit

Region of Pargoth
Flag # Province
Flag of Pargoth
1. Southern Pargoth
2. Northern Pargoth
Region of Navonia
Flag of Navonia region
3. Navonian Province
4. East Coast
5. Highfield
6. Northern Plains
7. Southern Plains
8. Northern Tipland
Region of Harbin
Flag of Harbin
9. Coastland
10. Northern Harbin
11. Bayland
12. Harbin Tip
Region of Ostland
Flag of Ostland
13. Southern Ostland
14. Northern Ostland
15. Eastern Plains
16. Borderia
17. Lower Hazel
18. Hazel Hills
Region of Massovia
Flag of Massovia
19. Fakecape Cliffs
20. Highwater Cliffs
21. Low Massovia
22. Upper Hazel
23. High Massovia
Region of New-Saxony
Flag of the House of Saxony
24. Saxony
25. Nebeland
26. Grensland
Region of Lower-Selessia
Flag of Lower-Selessia
27. Outer Province
28. Montana
29. Lower-Selessia Province
30. Near-murcia
Region of Murcia
Flag of the House of Murcia
31. Murcia province
Region of Upper-Selessia
Flag of Upper-Selessia
32. Upper Murcia
33. Lower Murcia
34. Selessia Province
35. Frontier Forests
36. Confine Province