Ragniari on the Violan 10 Corona note

Alessandro Amadeo Ragniari (ca. 1470-1533, Oristano, Sardinia) was a Sardinian/Italian explorer and the discoverer of Rodenia.


Ragniari was born in Sardinia in the early 1470s. He became a merchant, but was interested in exploring. In 1520, the Kingdom of Sardinia hired him to explore the new world for them. He set out with two ships. On March 4th or 5th, 1521, he discovered the continent of Rodenia. One of his men, Philippos Rodos, gave it the name of Rodenia (after himself), and it has stayed ever since. Landing in modern-day Viola, he claimed it for Sardinia. He started a settlement by a river, which grew to become the city of Brancusi. Ragniari returned to Italy in 1522, and got more support for his voyages. He was appointed Governor of Rodenia, and sailed back in 1523 and 1527. He returned to Rodenia in 1529, where he remained until his death in 1533. He is buried in the National Cemetery of Viola in La Fiora.

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