Mountain corps

Violan Mountain corps crossing the Carmensa Range

The Alpine war was a conflict involving Viola and Vistania, which occured in 1933.


In a war in 1795, Vistania captured all of Santa Maria's coastal territory, except for the town of Insenatura. Since then, Vistania has been trying to assert its claim over the town. In 1915, they tried but failed to take the town. When the fascists gained control of Vistania in the 1920s, they had a massive re-armament, and were preparing for war.

The WarEdit

On October 6, 1933, Vistanian troops began a land blockade of Insenatura. Three days later, a naval blockade was begun. On the 10th, the government authorized Viola's airforce to begin relieving the beseiged Insenaturans. On the 11th, the XX Mountain Corps, led by the brilliant General Gianpaolo Michelotti, began a crossing of the Carmensa Range to try and relieve Insenatura. It took one week for the mountaineers to corss the Carmensas and get to the other side. Difficult conditions slowed them down, and a week later they were still 22 miles from Insenatura. But on the 25th, they launched the offensive. At the Battle of Mestina, they routed the VIstanian 1st Army. They were quickly able to relieve the town on the 28th of October.

Just as the conflict was about to be over, Vistania sent its airfore to bomb Violan troops north of Insenatura. 600 Violans died in the massacre. The following day, Viola targeted Vistania's airforce and wiped it out in 2 days. On the first of November, Vistania sued for peace.

Treaty of BrancusiEdit

The peace treaty was signed on the 14th of November in Brancusi. Under that treaty, Vistania would get its coastal territories (minus Insenatura and the village of Ormidia) back, in exchange for financial recompense and the total abolition of their air forces.

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