Umendi's motorcade before being shot at

The Assassination of Yuri Umendi II in 1972 was a major turning point in Viola's history.


Yuri Umendi II had been ruling Viola since the 1920's and had become a ruthless leader. By the 1970's, many people had become opposed to his rule. There were many groups that were formed that were opposed his rule, including the Front For Democracy (FpD) and Movement for the Liberation of Viola (MLV).

The AssassinationEdit

Umendi's motorcade was traveling through La Fiora en route to western Brancusi for a press conference. As his car passed by the supreme court, his backup car was shot at and his route was changed. After the cars passed by the hospital, a man got on the road and threw a grenade at Umendi's car, causing the windows to brake. Almost instantly, two snipers shot at the car and killed him.


Soon after, the royalists regained control of the country and established the monarchy and introduced democracy.

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