Bernardo Caragianni 1st Duke of Rodenia and Count of Ravenna, born Bernard Stefanos Karagiannis (1798-1903) was a Violan General and military strategist.


Caragianni was born in the Commune of Rodenia Superiore to Count Vittorio of Ravenna and Princess Caroline of Vistania. He joined the Violan Army in 1817, and saw action in the First Celestian War, as well as the second and third. In 1838, he became a General in the Army, and in 1840, the top commander. He became the most celebrated soldier in Violan history, for his contributions to the nation's success. He saw more battles than any other person, and was in charge of the Armed Forces from 1840 to his retirement in 1895. Caragianni was made the Duke of Rodenia in 1851 by King Giovanni II of Viola, and was also recognized by Queen Isabella as a knight in 1879.

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