Navonian Crown Colony
Flag of the Navonian Colony
Motto none
Anthem none
State Crown colony
Government Monarchial rule through governorship
Head of state English Monarch
Head of government King's Governor
Established 1557
Predecessor Association of settlements
Successor Navonian Kingdom
Capital Steephill
Currency British Sovereign

The Navonian Crown Colony was formed out of a loose association of settlements. The Navonian province was claimed by the English crown and ruled indirectly by the King's governor. The colony was located on the southeast of Rodenia, in the neighborhood of Saxonite and Sudetian settlements. It became quite early the economic center of the newly discovered lands and the governorship administration was located in Steephill. The colony was left in the hands of John Deston by the crown when better investments had been found. Deston's son then turned the colony into the Navonian Kingdom, ruling it himself as Charles I.

History Edit

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Navonia was colonized by English settlers during the sixteenth century. The earliest accounts of human presence in the area date back as far as 1546. At first the settlers where private investors that wanted to make a new start, fleeing religious and political prosecution in Europe. Soon however the current region of Navonia was submitted to the English crown. From 1557 the Colonial Province of Navonia was ruled by governors. The colonial administration had a good relationship with a colony of German settlers north of Navonia, with whom crops and other valuable goods were traded on a regular basis. By 1582, the crown was no longer interested in its colony. Other more lucrative investments had attracted the attention. The last governor of Navonia, John Deston, was granted the right to use the lands according to his likings. Deston created the Province of Pargoth and gifted it to his unlawful son Roderick Began. Deston remained in charge over the rest of the territory under the self-given title of high governor until his death in 1588. It was then that his legal son, Charles Deston, made himself the first King of Navonia.

List of Governors Edit

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