Darlaonzee is a small nation on the Islands of Chedaette, in the north-east of the New Continent. Its population is 254,000 and its capital is Staciannenburg. Other major cities include Chainghne, Kazawikhei, Dorranaum and Tarpaeshning.


The nation was founded on July 2, 1048, after much conflict between the two former nations of Cardacce and Dymanzhe (which both became part of Rodenia in 1097 and 1110, respectively). In 1056, the official constitution was written, and in 1058, Darlaonzee became an official country.

The First Darlaonzee War (fought 1097-1110) and the Second (fought 1119-1124) were times of conflict between the 'states' of Darlaonzee. The current president is Jama Coleorne, who has held this position since 2008.

Geography and climateEdit

Darlaonzee is composed of 14 islands (three main ones and eleven smaller islands). In the north (Dorranaum and Styptash) the terrain is rocky and forest-covered. In the south (Chainghne, Lacanhvary and Hundred Hills) the terrain is mountainous (the highest mountain in the country, Mt Samalle (1976 m) is situated in this area). In the central, west and east areas (Staciannenburg, Kazawikhei, Tarpaeshning and Ruodiannema), the terrain is less rough.

The south offers a mildly wam climate (18-29 degrees C in summer, 3-15 degrees C in winter) while the north is slightly cooler (15-25 degrees C in summer, -2-10 degrees C in winter). The record high temperature is 36.1 degrees C in Lacanhvary on July 27, 1926 and the record low is -8.4 degrees C in Styptash on February 10, 2003.

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