The General history is a combined history of all fictional nations on this wiki. It can be used as a frame of reference when constructing a new country. A common history for all nations assures a stronger integration and avoids futuristic scenarios or brutal user conflicts. The general history is to be revised by the Site Council only, but every user can make suggestions.

General history of the New Continent Edit

Colonial period (1500-1700) Edit

The 'New Continent', also known as Rodenia, was colonized by settlers during the sixteenth century. Before that period, there has never been human presence on the continent. Amongst the settlers where religious and political refugees trying to escape prosecution. The poorer strata also migrated in an attempt to escape economic deprivation. The settlers however had to pay taxes under the treat of an invasion by their home countries. Some settlements grouped into larger entities in order to resist this violence from their former states, others where overrun and turned into puppet regimes.

Independence and state formation (1700-1850) Edit

In this period a lot of colonies gained independence from their home states, either by revolution or by treaty. All settlements where transformed into actual states, some small some large. Conflicts over resources and attempts at unification drove the different nations of Rodenia apart and caused them to go to war with each other. When the Industrial Revolution came by, the power balance was altered because some countries modernized faster and with more ease than others. The forming of a proletariat would however enlarge social pressure on the regimes.

The modern state (1850-2000) Edit

New ideas lead to new forms of government: nationalism, liberalism and socialism caused great uproar over the entire continent. The people demanded a fairer and more open society, old regimes came under pressure. Sometimes transition was made by a slow process of reform, in other cases the people overthrew their suppressors with violence of unseen proportions. The new conscience however lead to new forms of dictatorship in several countries.