Chief Decider Svensson in 1973

Henrik Svensson
(born 1923) is the Chief Decider of Vistania, since 1972.


Svensson was born in Stend City in the early 1920s. His father Harald Svensson had recently won the Great Revolution and was now leading Vistania. Upon Harald's death in 1972, Henrik became the new Chief Decider of the nation. In 1969, he married Ivana Selznik (1937-1976) and had three childern, among them his heri Edvard Svensson. Upon Selznik's death in 1976, he has remarried six times and is presently married to supermodel Christina Radisson since 2004.

The Chief Decider's favorite vehcle is his 1963 Micris Mark III Deluxe.