This page contains a list of votes taken in the Parliament of Navonia. A record is kept of all activities by the federal parliament, which is kept at the National Archives. All information is made public at most one week after voting. Following is a list on the most important votes by parliament under the incumbent government, taken as of April 1 2011. Also note that not every vote on this page is a law since the Navonian parliament hold other powers too. For more information on the parliament's power, see here.

01. Confirmation of FA Ordination 001 Edit

On April 1, 2011 the Navonian Parliament confirmed an ordination by the Minister of Foreign Affairs explaining the official stance of Navonia on the territorial dispute between Viola, Noel and Vistania. By confirming the ordination it is given legal power. The accepted proposal is an approving reaction on the ongoing negotiations, as well as a measure to stay engaged in a positive way. It also functions as an addition to the already existing recognition of the Violan and Noelian states. The ordination (now with power of law) looks as following:

01/04/2011 - ORDINATION OF FA: Official stance on the Viola-Noelian territorial dispute
  1. The people of Navonia recognize the territorial sovereignty of Viola and Noel over the territory they controlled on March 31, 2011.
    1. Representatives of the people from both nations are thus accepted as competent actors in negotiating an outcome for the dispute concerning the formerly mentioned territory.
    2. This also implies that the claim made by the government of Vistania is to be considered as ungrounded.
  2. Additionally, a diplomat is to be send as an observer with as goal of his mission to:
    1. Keep the Navonian people informed on the regional developments.
    2. Express our nation's contentment on the peaceful solution Viola and Noel are working on.

This proposal was discussed in the Foreign Affairs committee and approved in general assemblee by the Navonian Parliament. It passed with 92 against 22 votes. 6 representatives abstained from voting. The two government parties approved of the proposal, together with a majority of the Reform & Liberty Party. The Conservative Party largely opposed. The detailed results per party are as shown below:

  • PULP: 49 pro, 2 contra (4 abstained)
  • DU: 18 pro, 0 contra (0 abstained)
  • RLP: 21 pro, 7 contra (2 abstained)
  • CP: 4 pro, 13 contra (0 abstained)

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