1972 Polis Elections1974 Violan Presidential Elections1979 Violan Presidential Elections
1982 Noel Federal Elections1984 Noel Mid-Term Elections1984 Violan Presidential Elections
1986 Noel Federal Elections1988 Noel Mid-Term Elections1989 Violan Presidential Elections
1990 Noel Federal Elections1992 Noel Mid-Term Elections1994 Noel Federal Elections
1994 Violan Presidential Elections1996 Noel Mid-Term Elections1998 Noel Federal Elections
1999 Violan Presidential Elections2000 Granida Census2000 Noel Mid-Term Elections
2002 Noel Federal Elections2004 Noel Mid-Term Elections2005 Violan Elections
2006 Noel Federal Elections2008 Noel Mid-Term Elections2009 Noel State Elections
2010 Granida Census2010 Noel Federal Elections2011 Noel State Elections
2011 Violan ElectionsAdministrative division of the Republic of NavoniaAlessandro III of Viola
Alessandro II of ViolaAlessandro I of ViolaAlessandro Ragniari
Alpine WarAnarchy Party of NoelAssassination of Yuri Umendi II
Autodromo CavalieriBank of ViolaBanknotes of Viola
Battle of MestinaBernardo Caragianni, 1st Duke of RavennaBlack Spider
Borgo MartelliBrancusiBrancusi Commune
Capitalism Party of NoelCaragianni FamilyCarmensa Range
Celesto-Vistanian WarCentre Democrats of NoelCharles III of Viola
Charles II of ViolaCharles I of ViolaChief Decider
Christian Coalition of NoelChristian Democrats of NoelChristian Party of Noel
Christina RadissonCilic KondoCity Council of Polis
Coins of ViolaColfazio CommuneColonial Province of Navonia
CommuneCommunist Alliance of NoelCommunities in Granida
Congress of ViolaConservative Party of NoelCorona
CorydonCrown Princess Stefania of ViolaDarlaonzee
Democratic Party of IndianaDemocratic Party of New Yonkers and PhiladelphiaDemocratic State
Duchy of New-SaxonyDuchy of RavennaElection districts of Granida
Elisabethtown (province)Farmers and Fishers PactFlag of Granida
Foreign relations of the Republic of NavoniaFrancesco I of ViolaFrederick Noel
Free Republic of GranidaFree Republic of NoelGeneral history
George JeffersonGianpaolo MichelottiGiovanni II of Viola
Giovanni I of ViolaGranidaGranida Census
Green Party of NoelGreen Party of PolisHenrik Svensson
Higher Chamber of NoelHistory of GranidaHistory of Navonia
House of Stennori-Van DraakIndianaInsenatura
Integrationist LeagueIsabella II of ViolaIsabella I of Viola
Isabella TorretiniKingdom of CelestiaKingdom of Viola
La FioraLetter to MurciaLiberal Christian Party of Viola
Liberal Coalition of NoelLiberal Party of NoelList Of Presidents of Beufurt
List of Elections in VeltheiaList of Elections in ViolaList of Monarchs of Viola
List of Presidential Elections in ViolaList of Presidents and Vice Presidents from New Yonkers and PhiladelphiaList of elections in Granida
List of elections in NavoniaList of general elections in Granida since 1831List of governments of Navonia
List of rulers of NavoniaList of votes in the Navonian ParliamentLosinger Family
Marco BrancusiMarine StateMario Puzzi
Marnenburg CommuneMayor of PolisMerrond
Metropolitan BrancusiMichael VillanovaMicris
MiniBrunantMurcian CommonwealthNational Anthem of Indiana
Navonian-Selessian Dual MonarchyNavonian EmpireNavonian Kingdom
New-Saxony KingdomNew AlbanyNew Continent Wiki
New Democracy of PolisNew EnglandNew Yonkers and Philadelphia
Noel CoalitionNoel IslandNoel Parliament
Noel StateNoelian Workers UnionNova Stadium
Now CoalitionOrmidiaParliament of Navonia
Paul IsnerPeter GronerPietro I of Viola
PolisPortlandPortland (province)
President of New Yonkers and PhiladelphiaPrime Minister of NoelPrince Max of Brunant
Princess Carlotta of ViolaPrincipality of EssiniaPrincipality of Mariana
Principality of NoelPrincipality of Santa MariaProgressive Coalition of Noel
Progressive Party of New Yonkers and PhiladelphiaProhibition in ViolaProvince
Provinces of GranidaRavenna CommuneReform & Liberty Party
Republic of AssiriaRepublic of AtalantaRepublic of Navonia
Republican Party of New Yonkers and PhiladelphiaRevolution of 1905Rodenia
Rodenia InferioreRodenia NewsRodenia Superiore
Rodenian GamesSant Antonio CastleSanta Maria Bay
School Choice Party of NoelScythe of IndianaSir Charles Hannover
Site CouncilSlovak IslandSmart Coalition of Noel
Social Democratic Party of ViolaSocialist Party of GranidaSocialist Party of Noel
Sports of NoelStabMinStaciannenburg
Stamps of ViolaStates of NoelStates of Rodenia
Steffano RossiSteward StateSudetia
Supervolta di RodeniaThe PartyThe Revolution of 1876
The Rodenia International Broadcasting CorporationThomas HenriksenThomas Steward
Umberto RossiUnion of Christian Democrats of PolisUnity Party
Veltheian ConfederationVice President of New Yonkers and PhiladelphiaVice Primer of Noel
Violan War of IndependenceVistaniaWar of the Great Coalition
William McKeanYuri UmendiYuri Umendi II

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