The Losinger Family is an old banking family in Rodenia. The family fortune was startd by patriarch August von Losinger.


August von Losinger was a German baron who came to Navonia in 1648. He and his brother Max (who died childless in 1654) started a small bank, the first one in Rodenia. In 1672, he and his son Herman started a trading company. In a short time Von Losinger became Rodenia's first large corporation, and was really successful.

Family BranchesEdit

Navonian LosingersEdit

The Navonian Losingers were the original branch of the family. Von Losinger's descendants all lived there until the 1700s, when they moved to other countries to expand trade

Violan Losingers Edit

The Violan branch was started in 1706 when Friedrich von Losinger moved his family to Viola. They invested in the Bank of Viola and other businesses, and quckly made lots of money.

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