The Republic of Merrond
Flag Merrond
Motto Always look at the wilderness
Anthem Ten days of survive
Demonym  Merrand
State Republic
Government Parliamentary democracy
Head of government President of Merrond
Ruling party Pioneers in the Politics
Founded as State September 16th,1948
Capital Calvinnar
Area 54 square miles
Population 345,000
Religion Christianity
Currency Merandore
Map of Rodenia
An overview of Rodenia

Merrond, official: The Republic of Merrond (Merand: Merand or Ter Republixer Merandore) is a republic in Rodenia. The country is famous from its survival ghost. The capital is Calvinnar.



Merrond became an independent state on September 16th, 1948. At that day signed Mark Treeway, since then the president, the treaty of independence. The capital will be Calvinnar, and today it's still.

20th centuryEdit

In the 20th century, the media, such as tv, computer and radio came also to Merrond. The first university, the University of Calvinnar, was founded on May 3rd, 1964. The city population of Calvinnar was at the end of the century 98,000.

21st centuryEdit

The temporarely century, the 21st, is known as thrill. The political situation is not comfortable. In the period 2003-2006, there were 3 presidents in total. Now it's reasonable quietly, but some plans are extremly controversial.

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