Micris Cars is a Violan motor-car company and is the only car brand which is Rodenian. They are based in Brancusi (Metropolitan Brancusi).


1922 micris

1922 Micris

Micris stared its history as the State Company for the production of Motor cars (Государственная компания попроизводству автомобилеймотора), a company started by the communist government, with Soviet funds and support, in 1920. Thegovernment took over the factory and quickly launched production of a new car, called the Micris. The Micris, unchanged throught its production span, was the company's only model, which sold extremely well until the 1950s. In 1951, the company expanded the model range and phased out the original Micris in 1952.

In 2007, Micris had its best year with 17,000,000 cars sold.


Micris has produced several models over the years. The original Micris model was produced from 1922-1952, costing around 90 Crowns ($150) in the 20's to 400 Crowns in the 50's. The next model was the Tick, made in 1951 for 5 years. Micris also introduced the Microvette range, a series of bubbly cars made until 1966. These were followed by the Mark Series, made in six marks until today. The Mark III is Chief Decider Svensson's favorite car (although he is oppsed to communism, he likes that car a lot). In 1954, Micris' first sports car, the Speeder was intrduced. Priced at 1200 Crowns (USD 2000), it was too costly for most people and was replaced in 1959 with a better valued model. In 1959, Micris introduced the Famil series of wagons and hatchbacks. The Famil is still produced today, and is the most popular model. Other models included the Ranger, a sporty hatch and the Coronette, a larger estate wagon.

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Noth that the Mark VI prototype was never put into production, so there is no Mark VI.

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