New Yonkers and Philadelphia
Flag of New Yonkers and Philadelphia
Motto Freedom Forever
Anthem Freedom For All (to the tune of God bless America)
Demonym Yonkersite or Philadelphian
State Republic
Government Bicamerial democracy
Head of government President of New Yonkers and Philadelphia Jackson Horner
Ruling party Democratic Party of New Yonkers and Philadelphia

April 2nd, 1954(Proposed)

April 27th, 1956 (Offical)

Predecessor none
Capital Jefferson City
Area 45 miles
Population 5,976,000
Language/Ethnic Groups English
Religion Christianity, Muslim, Jewish
Currency American Dollar
Map of Rodenia
Overview of Rodenia

The country of New Yonkers and Philadelphia is a country founded by the American Colinization Society and was founded like Indiana and Libya. The country was founded in 1956 one-hundred and thirty years after Indiana and has close relations with the country since it's founding. The country was founded by to African-American men George Jefferson and Peter Groner.



Just like the other countries this colony was founded by mostly african-americans looking for freedom. George Jefferson from Philadelphia, sent out a request for "people seeking liberation and freedom" across the north which in 1954 was very diverse unlike the south. Peter Groner from Yonkers joined Jefferson and decided to go down south ana recriut people for the journey and living in the community. After hearing of this the country of Indiana started building houses and stores for the future country near, indiana and the shore. The gave them a very small ammount of land which grew quicker than Indiana did. Like Indiana was like it's orginial state with crops, New Yonkers and Philidelphia was very city like with many factories and office jobs. People came flooding in mainly from the south and the two northern cities to live in the new free country. The Country elected George Jefferson and Peter Groner President of New Yonkers and Philadelphia and Vice President of New Yonkers and Philadelphia. The country adpoted a similar consitution and bill of rights, with an added admendment declaring that segregation is illegal. The country grew fast. The country also had the New Yonkers and Philadelphia House of Representatives and the New Yonkers and Philadelphia Senate with the same ammount of members as the american senate and house. The country was at 2,000,000 people in less than three years. The country had a few difrences also from the US. The country ran on a three party system with the Progressive Party of New Yonkers and Philadelphia, Democratic Party of New Yonkers and Philadelphia, and the Republican Party of New Yonkers and Philadelphia. The country has always kept close ties with the U.S. and it's news when they elected there first black president Barack Obama. The country is 58% Black, 32% White, 8% Hispanic, and 2% other with about 80% of the country christian, and 20% mostly Muslim or Jewish.

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