The Noelian Parliament is the second highest chamber and creates the laws and provisions for the country of Noel. It was officaly created after the countries independence from Viola. The country elects new "Councilmen/women" every two years with the Prime Minister of Noel and Vice Primer of Noel every four years. The parliment ratified the new constitution and federal laws all in one month that are all around today which allow democracy to rule and allow a stable government with alot of freedoms. One differnece use to be that, from most parliments is that the country elected 48 Councilmen while electing the PM and VP as additional councilpeople with more but limited powers. In 2008 when the parliament passed an act creating the Higher Chamber of Noel they now have 50 elected members in congress. The constitution use to call for a 25 member or more of one coalition or party. So if the one party has 24 members and form a coalition with an other party the leading parties PM becomes the highest leader with the coalition's PM becomes the VP. A bill passes by 26 votes for basic social and financial bills but bills like the New 2009 Democratic Act, which created the states and altered the Noelian Consitution, need 30 votes for to pass. Elections are held in March with district line that are considered altered and somtimes unfair, and don't follow state lines which is legal in most countries and this country too.

List of Parliaments Edit

1982 Noel Federal Elections
1984 Noel Mid-Term Elections
1986 Noel Federal Elections
1988 Noel Mid-Term Elections
1990 Noel Federal Elections
1992 Noel Mid-Term Elections
1994 Noel Federal Elections
1996 Noel Mid-Term Elections
1998 Noel Federal Elections
2000 Noel Mid-Term Elections
2002 Noel Federal Elections
2004 Noel Mid-Term Elections
2006 Noel Federal Elections
2008 Noel Mid-Term Elections
2010 Noel Federal Elections
2012 Noel Mid-Term Elections