National Union Logo

The Noelian Workers Union are a full occupational union in Noel with over 120,000 members. The union also works with the Farmers and Fishers Pact in "solidartity", and even have Farmers and Fishers in the NWU. The Union was founded as the National Union of Agricultural Workers in 1984 for the for rural side of the country and workers. Today the union is for mainly teachers and office jobs, which is why F&FP was created. The Union has hundreds of sects each giving more power to go on strike and demand rights. Like the Northwest Office Workers of Noel reigion one, which might include 500 workers, this system allows many presidents to be elected in each system but with one main leader appointed by a vote from all the unions.

The Union Sects has gone on strike 18 different times, the most from the Teachers Union of Noel Island West Region, which has protested pay and benifits 6 times.

The Union still uses the old logo in recognintion of there past.