Ormidia is a town of 6,000 people located in the lower Carmensa Range. It is an exclave of Viola, completely surrounded by Vistania, and is located 3 miles from the border with Viola.


Ormidia was founded in 1613 by citizens of the historic Principality of Santa Maria. Up until 1926, the town was a part of Viola. That year, Vistanian troops forcefully took over Ormidia. Viola tried all diplomatic means to settle the issue, but Vistania would not back down. Then in 1933, the Alpine War broke over Vistania's wanting to occupy the exclave of Insenatura. Viola used this as an opportunity to reclaim Ormidia.


The town is located in a valley in the lower Carmensa mountains. The town has a small airport, vital for communications with Viola.

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