Polis Seal
The great seal of Polis
Motto "Εργασία για το λαό" or "Working for the people"
Anthem Song for the People
Demonym Polian
State Republic
Government Mayor-Council
Head of government Mayor of Polis - Milos Krustas
Ruling party New Democratic Party of Polis
Established October 19, 1970
Predecessor none
Area 80 miles
Population 1,500,000
Language/Ethnic Groups English, Greek, Italian
Religion Christianity
Currency Polis Paper
Map of Rodenia
The overview of Rodenia with the small Polis off the coast.

Polis, (English: City, City State) officially The Republic of Polis, is a small but densely populated country off the main land from Rodenia. The country is mainly run like a city with the Mayor of Polis and the City Council of Polis. The country's capital is Polis, a city populated by 1,000,000 people, and a metropolitan area with 500,000 more people.


The country was founded after Greek Philosopher Cilic Kondo decided to find his own country. Cilic was a political fanatic and wanted a country like old Greece with City-States, but decided the small land known as Polis was good enough. The land was already populated by a rebels who escaped from Viola and Americans from Indiana and New Yonkers and Philadelphia, which numbered only three hundred. Kondo brought over 1,500 greek people, and an additonal 350 italians. The country quickly became a business haven beacuse of their low taxes, when they formed the City Council of Polis, which lines haven't been ever changed. The country then held their first elections in 1972 and elected Kondo their first mayor. The country also became very isolated and the City Council, ruled by the New Democratic Party of Polis, passed other economic laws.


Polis is largely known as a business haven, with several companies being headquartered there. Many businesses have moved to Polis due to its low regulation on trade. Since the 1970s, the country has been strengthening ties with Greece, Italy, America, and England. The City also has many scenic beaches and caves which also bring in a large amount of money.

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