Prince max
Maximilian Alexander, Prince of Brunant
(1829-1915) was the head of Royal House of Stennori-Van Draak, the Royal Family of Viola.


Prince Max was born in Brunant to King Cristian I and Queen Henrietta. In 1855, he was presented to Princess Isabella (the future Isabella I of Viola). They were married the following year. In 1877, she became the Queen of Viola, and in 1878 he was made co-ruler. They had eleven children:

1. Prince Maximilian Alexander (1856-1860)

2. Charles III (1858-1939)

3. Princess Giovanna (1860-1917)

4. Princess Philippa (1862-1923)

5. Princess Isabella (1864-1957)

6. Princess Carolina (1865-1910)

7. Princess Amalia (1867-1871)

8. Princess Louisa (1869-1913)

9. Princess Olivia (1869-1944)

10. Princess Martha (1872-1975)

11. Prince Vittorio (1874-1933)

Prince Max died in 1915 in Brancusi.

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