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The Progressive Coalition of Noel is a ruling coalition ever since the 2002 Noel Federal Elections. It was first joined together by the Green Party of Noel's leader Michael Villanova and School Choice Party of Noel's, and former Vice Primer of Noel, William McKean. The party has 30 seats in there first elections and in 2006 were joined by the international party the Noelian Integrationist League which is precived as liberal in the country of Noel
2008 Progressive Coalition

2008 to present logo

. In 2008 they were joined by the Centre Democrats of Noel, which were intrsumental in the creation of states and a second chamber called the Higher Chamber of Noel. which has since gave them a comanding lead in parliament and the chamber. Afterwards the IL party of Noel left and joined the Liberal Party of Noel to make the Noel Coalition.