Police raid a speakeasy in La Fiora, 1921

Prohibition in Viola was the banning of sales and consumption of alcohol in Viola. This occured from 1911 to 1928.


In the 20th century, there were many people who pushed for the banning of alcohol. With Yuri Umendi's communists in power, this was quickly achieved in 1911. The Saronni Act, passed in March of 1911 prohibited "the sale, production, handling or consumption of any beverage which is deemed to be of alcoholic nature".

In the prohibition era, there was lots of bootlegging, and many Speakeasies sprung up in Brancusi. Most of the illegal rum came from Vistania of Indiana.

In 1928, Umendi died and was replaced by his son Yuri Umendi II. He quickly repealed prohibition that year.

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