Flag of Assiria
State Republic
Existence 1613-1730 (retained partial autonomy until 1810)
Capital Bulgaria (Vulgaria)
Population  ?
Language/Ethnic Groups Italian
Religion Christianity
Currency Tallero Assiriano
Rodenian States-1713

The Republic of Assiria was one of the former States of Rodenia. It was founded in 1613 as the first republic in Rodenia.


Assiria was founded in 1613 by Ludovico Conti. He established a republic led by him and the Congress of Gentlemen. In reality, Assiria was not a true democracy, as presidents were elected for life, or until they retired from politics. Their capital, Bulgaria, was not named after the eastern European nation but after vulgar people who occupied the city.

Assiria was involved in the Great War of 1730 against Viola. They ultimately lost, and later became an autonomous region in Viola. In 1810, Assiria was fully integrated into Viola, as a part of Colfazio Commune.

List of Presidents of AssiriaEdit

  1. Ludovico Conti (1613-1627)
  2. Giovanni Garotto (1627-1640)
  3. Mario Conti (1640-1648)
  4. Vincenzo Della (1648-1661)
  5. Marcello Vespa (1661-1688)
  6. Emmanuele Di Maria (1688-1703)
  7. Alvaro Conti (1703-1722)
  8. Giovanni Scrutine (1722-1730)

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