King Erik V's assassination

The Revolution of 1905 was a major event in Vistania's history. It helped bring the communists into power, and spurred similar events in neighboring Viola.


King Erik V of Vistania was a deeply unpopulr ruler, mainly because of his excessive spending.Anarchists had tried to assassinate him one before, in (Haarlem, 1901) and failed. In 1905, the king was on a visit to Saronia State and anarchists used this opportunity to try and kill him. On October 8, 1905 (the anniversary of another attempt to kill his father on October 8, 1888), the Hungarian-Vistanian anarchist Ferenc Laszlo shot The King and Minister Samson With the king's death, the country was in chaos, and soon royalists were fighting communists for control.

The RevoltEdit

With the king's death, the communists began attacking the royalists and became involved in a bloody civil war. When the communists took the arsenal at Gustavshelm, the balance of power changed and the royalists were on the defensive. A decisive victory at Konia sealed the royalist's fate.

This communist uprising influenced radicals in Viola, who, under, Yuri Umendi, seized control of the country.