Sports are very popular in Noel ever since there indepence. The first sports league was the Noel Premier League which consited of six teams, but now eight. Soccer or Football in defintly the most popular sport in Noel but other popular sports include Baseball, basketball, and rugby sevens which all started there leagues in the mid 1990's. and aren't as popular.

Noel Premier LeagueEdit

The premier league was set up by Kemari Rosseti a South african-noelian who wanted to bring his favorite game to the country which he just came to. He orginized a league and asked local teams to join in. He quickly got four teams the San Noel FC, East Noel FC, Noel Bay FC, Italian Noel FC. Soon after the dominate team was the East Noel FC and in 1990 two more teams joined the Noel Sounders and Mamtampay United. For five straight years the Noel Bay FC won championships from 1998 - 2003. In 2005 the league was under hard financial troubles to a few games were eliminated but in 2009 all games were restored and added two new teams the Countryside Alliance and Steward Pacific FC. In the first teams years they faced off in the finals with the Countryside Alliance wnning 5-1. The most championships won are tied between the Noel Bay FC and East Noel FC with six each.

  • Noel Islander Sounders Noel Sounders - 1 Championship
  • Steward Pacific FC Steward Pacific FC - 3 Championship
  • INFC Italian-Noel FC - 1 Championship
  • 156px-CA logo svg Countryside Alliance - 3 Championships
  • Azzuri FC Noel San Noel FC - 4 Championships
  • East Noel FC East Noel FC - 6 Championships
  • Matampay United Matampay United - 2 championships
  • Soccer NB Logo Noel Bay FC - 6 Championships