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Steward State
is a political divison in the Free Republic of Noel on the southeast coast of Noel. The state was named after the first Vice Primer of Noel, Thomas Steward, and also this is the area where Steward lived before moving to now-a-day Noel State to serve his political duties. In 2009 the state elected it's first governor, Michael Breni, of the Progressive Coalition of Noel which most of the 250,000 people in the state voted for him.

Current Composition Edit

Party Gain/loss Seats in First College and Provinces
25px Conservative Party +2 5 Seats

25px Arcadian Liberal Party -2 3 Seats

25px Socialist Union -1 3 Seats

Christian Party of Arcadia +1 2 Seats

Independent:Frank Johannason +0 1 Seat

State Council electionEdit

2009 Noel State Elections
2011 Noel State Elections