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The Supervolta di Rodenia is a famed race car event in Viola. It tskes place every year at the Autodromo Cavalieri in Rodenia Inferiore.


The event was started in 1934 as the Volta di Rodenia. Racecar drivers from Navonia, Granida, Viola and Vistania participated in this event. In 1948, the name was changed to Supervolta. In the 1950s, famed racecar driver Umberto Rossi raced here, becoming the winningest driver in the Volta's history.



The Supervolta is the traditional racing event. It happens over 3 days in early May. It is a 100 lap race for touring cars. The first day is devoted to showing off the cars, the second is the practice run and the third day is the actual racing event.

12 Hour ChallengeEdit

The 12 hour challenge is the competition for endurance cars, held in mid July. It is held over three days; the first devoted to showing the car, the second for a practice run and the third is the full 12 hour race.

Classic Car EventEdit

The classic car event is the longest racing event at the Autodromo. It last over five days, and is dedicated to classic car racing. The first day is the famed Concourse, where they show off the vehicles. The second day is devoted to testing the cars. The third day is the pre-WWII vehicles race, the fourth day is the race for cars from the 1940s-1960s, and the fifth day is the race for cars from the 1970s-1990s.


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