Rodenia International Broadcasing Corporation ( RIBC ) is news channel in almost every nation on the continent of Rodenia. It has claim its neutrality and that it is fair and balance. RIBC is used commonly between nations to get important information to the public by not having to go into depth of the political bias.


With rising tensions in the Commonwealth of Indiana against Americans, the population saw that the news was un-fair and very un-balance, forming they're own national broadcasting corporation (IBC) in 1972.

Going InternationalEdit

The company has sense progressed into a more international news source for the continent of Rodenia turning away from Indiana's domestic news and reforming as The Rodenia International Broadcasting Corporation. RIBC has been able to form a news center in all current entities in Rodenia.


Month date, year, time GMT: News Headline
CITY - The text of the news story goes here.

March, 2011, 10:37: Indiana Passes Laws Against Westboro Baptist Church
744px-Flag of Indiana.svg CORYDON - The General Assembly passes laws against the American church of Westboror Baptist Church. The law includes anti-hate laws and 40 mile radius to protesting at funerals.