The Vice Primer is the second leader of Noel. The VP is elected one of two ways, the easiest being part of the winning ticket by votes and have a 50% majority in the Noel Parliament, the second is running for PM and joining in on a coalition thus deining the winning ticket's VP choice and becoming VP. The Vice Primer has one vote like the Prime Minister of Noel and calls Parliament to order.

The term was derived from 'Vice Prime Minister', another term for Deputy.

List of Vice Primers Edit

Prime Minister Vice Primer
Image Name Party/Coalition Term Image Name Party/Coalition Term
Fredrick Noel Fredrick Noel Conservative Party
Now Coalition
1982 - 1994 Thomas Steward Thomas Steward Christian Party
Now Coalition
1982 - 1994
Borgo M Borgo Martelli Centre Democrats
Liberal Coalition
1994 - 2002 Paul Isner Paul Isner Socialist Party
Liberal Coalition
1994 - 1998
William McKean William McKean School Choice Party
Liberal Coalition
1998 - 2002
MVPM Michael Villanova Green Party Progressive Coalition 2002 - Present William McKean William McKean School Choice Party
Progressive Coalition
2002 - 2006