Motto Hail to the Chief
Anthem All hail the Chief Decider
Demonym Vistanian
State Fascist republic and Kingdom
Government Dictatorship
Head of government Chief Decider Henrik Svensson
Ruling party The Party
Established 1718 (as republic), 1769 (as kingdom), 1905-07 (as communist state), 1923 (fascist state)
Capital Black City (republican) Christiansborg (royalist)
Population 42,000,000
Language/Ethnic Groups Swedish, Croat, English
Religion Devotion to the Chief Decider (official), Christianity
Currency Denarius

Vistania, officially the Nation of Vistania is a turbulent nation located in east central Rodenia. It is a nation with an unstable history, and is currently controlled by a fascist government.



Vistania was discovered by Swedish explorers in 1602. They formally took control of the territory in 1604 and named it New Sweden. The Swedes sent lots of settler and founded the town of Christiansborg. They were in charge of the land until 1663, when they lost it to the Dutch in a war. In 1668, the British took possession of the colony, and remained there for 10 years until they handed it back to Sweden. When Sweden fought the Great Northern War with Russia and was set to lose, the colonists, under Thomas Henriksen declared their independence in March 1718 to avoid becoming a Russian possession.

First RepublicEdit

In 1718, Thomas Henriksen and other important locals declared their independence from Sweden. Henriksen was the president until 1733. That year, the first elections were held. Vistania declared war on Celestia, starting the Celesto-Vistanian War. In 1770, Vistania surrendered to Celestia, ceded their northern provinces, and started to pay reparations. Upon their loss, Vistania descended into chaos. Prominent politician Erik Larsson, using the army, made himself the first king of Vistania in 1769.


The kingdom was established in 1769 by Erik Larsson (Erik I), who would rule until 1781. The kingdom would become Vistania's longest lating regime. Erik would be followed by Henrik I (1781-1813), Erik II (1813-1845), Erik III (1845-1871), Erik IV (1871-1874), Henrik II (1874-1900) and Erik V. Erik V was an unpopular ruler who spent too much on military and luxuries. In 1905, Erik V was assassinated by anarchist Ferenc Laszlo, which sparked a bloody revolution, whick would lead to communist rule in the country.

People's RepublicEdit

In the Revolution of 1905, which became a two-year civil war, the communists under Vladimir Stenman took control of Vistania and made it a Peoples Republic. The royalists and republicans were exiled to the two northernmost states in the country. Stenman was deposed by Sven Dansen in 1910, and ruled until the Great Revolution in 1921, which marked the end of communist rule.

Fascist StateEdit

In the Great Revolution of 1921, the royalists and republicans united to overthrow the communists. After their victory, a civil war ignited, where the two factions fought for control. The more populous republicans were able to defeat the royalists by 1923. Shortly after, Vistania was given its modern name, and Harald Svensson became the Chief Decider, and he was succeeded by his son Henrik Svensson in 1972.


Vistania is split into twelve states. The states are:

  1. Kongelik State
  2. Cristiansborg State
  3. Saronia State
  4. State of Antibia
  5. Coastal State
  6. State of New Sweden
  7. State of Violetta
  8. Black City
  9. Brandenburg State
  10. Haarlem State
  11. Frontier State
  12. Sagres Island